Our Lifetimes

During the 1st term the students in 2nd E worked on a project using the Past Simple. They created their own lifetimes. Then, they presented their projects to the class in an oral activity and they elected the best ones to be shown on the 2nd floor corridor. They had fun searching some old photos and remembering many good moments in their lives.


Our lifetimes (Video)


I’ll marry when I want

I’ll marry when I want

my mother can’t force me to marry

my father can’t force me to marry

my uncle, my aunt, my brother, my sister

cannot force me to marry

no one in the world can force me to marry.

I’ll marry when I want

even if you beat me

even if you chase me away

even if you do anything bad to me

I’ll marry when I want.

I’ll marry when I want

but not before I am well educated

and not before I am all grown up.

I’ll marry when I want.

Poem by Eileen Piri (13)


Memory Banda, Malawi
Memory Banda, leader for girls’ rights

Every year thousands of girls are forced into child marriage all over the world.  Did you know this practice existed nowadays? Have you ever thought about how different your life and theirs is? Do you think child marriage should be banned? How can we contribute to make things change? Watch Memory Banda’s talk and reflect on the issue.

A warrior’s cry against child marriage


New York City Marathon

The New York city Marathon is the largest marathon in the world. It is organized by the New York Road Runners and it has been run every year since 1970, except for 2012 when it was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Participants have to run 42 kms through the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island) The race is held on the first Sunday of November and attracts professional competitors and amateurs from all over the world, almost 53,000 this year. Because of the popularity of the race, participation is chosen by a lottery system, but runners can also gain an entry by joining a team to raise funds for one of several charities. Mary Shaw is one of the members of Fred’s Team, a group of runners who raise money for the area of cancer research. She ran the last marathon on november 4th. Thank you Mary for your effort and your contribution year after year!







Memories from Ireland 2018


This year our English Department school trip has led us to Dublin, where a group of 30 students from 4th ESO and 1st Batx had a wonderful experience. We loved Dublin and the welcoming and easy-going Irish people. We visited several interesting sites and museums, such as Malahide Castle, or Dublinia, where we could learn about Vikings and the Medieval Dublin, or the replica of the ship Jeanie Johnston, where we were taught about the Famine that took place between 1845 and 1852 and the subsequent  emigration to America. It was a very good trip we will always remember!

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Book Project 2ESO


The classes of 2nC/D of the high school Joaquim Mir did a project at the end of the first term. This project was about writing a short story and illustrating it. The stories were fantastic! Each story was made by two people and it was fun! Everybody liked this because we read our classmates stories and we rated each of them. The activity was entertaining and now, many of the stories are in our school library. You can read the stories and you can write your opinion!!

Marc Palacios García 2n D



Virginia Woolf

Photograph of Virginia Woolf in 1902; photograph by George Charles Beresford

Virginia Woolf was an English writer born on January 25th , 1882. She began writing as a young girl and published her first novel, The Voyage Out, in 1915. Woolf used the book to experiment with several literary tools, including  unusual narrative perspectives, dream-states and free association prose. She wrote modernist classics including To the Lighthouse, Orlando, and Mrs Dalloway.  In 1925 she published her remarcable novel Mrs. Dalloway, in which she interweaved interior monologues and raised issues of feminism, mental illness and homosexuality in post-World War I England. To the Lighthouse (1928), was another critical success and considered revolutionary for its stream of consciousness storytelling. Furthermore, she is considered one of the pioners of feminism, with her works A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas, in which she deffended women’s independence and autonomy. She became a member of the Bloomsbury Group, a collection of prominent intellectuals and writers that included EM Forster, Clive Bell, John Maynard Keynes and Leonard Woolf, whom she married in 1912. In her personal life, she suffered bouts of deep depression. She took her life in 1941, at the age of 59.



The Voice of Mir Travels to Space

No, it’s not science fiction… it’s real!

On December 4th, 20 students from several Catalan school centres including, Joaquim Mir High School, had the opportunity to contact the astronauts who are currently on the ISS (International Space Station), orbiting 400 km above the Earth. This activity, organized by the Castelldefels School of  Telecommunications and Aerospace Engineering  of  UPC  Barcelona in collaboration with ARISS, is a project that aims to put schools and universities in contact with the ISS astronauts via amateur radio stations of the Unió de Radioaficionats del Baix Llobregat. Each school prepared a maximum of 10 questions to ask the astronauts (in English, of course!), and one of our 2nd Scientific Batx class questions was chosen among the work of more than 50 schools as one of the final 10 questions that were going to be asked to the astronauts. Arnau Pascual was going to represent our school and actually pose the question to the astronauts in real time.

The day of the connection in Casteldefels, our participants – 4 students and the Technology teacher Josep Anguera- had a very interesting experience. It was the astronaut Mark Vande Hei from NASA who answered the questions from the students, and he explained, for example, how he felt the first time he slept on the space station,  or how the lack of gravity affects astronauts.


Arnau says he was very nervous, but wouldn’t mind to repeat the experience.

So congratulations to our students, and we hope the voice or Mir will never stop travelling!